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Jim’s Book

CMFS Group President, Jim Kreid, released his book in May!
It is called The Shifting Sands of Retirement and How to Weather Them.

It is no secret that the sands of retirement are shifting: longevity is increasing, entitlements are underfunded, pensions are disappearing, and markets are constantly changing. Everyone deserves a fulfilling retirement, and Jim’s book offers an expert approach to weathering these changes in order to have the fulfilling retirement of your dreams.

A note from Jim:

I am so grateful…
Thank you so much for those that supported the launch of my book, The Shifting Sands of Retirement. With your help, we accomplished some great things.

My publisher, Ignite Press, just announced that my book became a #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon both in the US and Canada. Among others, it became the #1 bestselling book in mutual funds, private equity, financial risk management, and more.

They also informed me that the press releases about The Shifting Sands of Retirement have been picked up and featured by over 300 media and news outlets around the nation.

Frankly, I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed by the support that has been shown. And I am overwhelmed by the chance to bring this timely message to the world.

None of this could have happened without you. Because of your support, The Shifting Sands of Retirement is poised to change lives.

Thank you!
Jim Kreid

P.S. The Shifting Sands of Retirement is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. If you know others who would benefit from understanding the challenges facing their retirement journey, then share this link with them:

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