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Financial Planning East Peoria, IL

financial planning east peoria

CMFS Group, Inc. offers a wide range of financial services for individuals and businesses in the East Peoria, Illinois area. After an in-depth evaluation of your personal financial situation, we develop a customized financial plan to meet your needs and objectives.

Financial Services for Individuals

CMFS offers several financial service options for East Peoria individuals, depending upon your specific objectives and needs.

Complimentary Financial Planning/Portfolio Evaluation

CMFS Group Inc. starts your individual financial planning process by doing an in-depth, evaluation of your financial situation. This includes an assessment of your financial time frame and risk tolerance.

Financial Planning

After we have discussed your overall financial objectives, we help you develop a specific financial plan designed to meet your individual goals. Depending upon where you are in life and what you want for your future, including getting married, buying a home, or retiring, your plan will be geared to meet your individual needs and objectives. For additional information, see Financial Planning.

College Savings

With the cost of college rising every year, it’s never too soon to start planning for college. CMFS professionals will show you the available options and determine which is the best path for you to send your children to college. For additional information, see College Savings.

Retirement Planning

How you plan for retirement plan depends upon your age, objectives, and current financial situation. Your CMFS adviser will evaluate your current finances and help you develop a plan for retirement savings. We help assure that you will have enough money to last throughout your retirement years. For additional information, see Retirement Planning.

Financial Services for Businesses

CMFS offers financial advice and services for businesses in East Peoria, IL, including several that are complimentary.

Complimentary Services

  • Group Disability Evaluation
  • Retirement Plan Evaluation
  • Health Care Evaluation
  • Group Life Evaluation

Retirement Plan Set-Up and Administration

If you are planning to set up a retirement plan for your employees, we offer services to help you get set it up and administer it.

Contact CMFS for Individual and Business Financial Planning Services in East Peoria, IL

Our team of financial planners is prepared to help you find your ideal financial path. The sooner you get started planning and managing your finances, the sooner you can reach your financial goals. Contact us to start taking control of your finances today.

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