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Introducing 401K +

401K retirement company Morton, IL CMFS Group Inc. is proud to introduce a new and improved way to manage your 401K plan: 401K +. Many people do not have the proper skills or knowledge to effectively manage their most important asset, their 401K. With the brokerage window option, professional management can be accessed like never before. With pensions rapidly reducing and sometimes disappearing, it’s becoming even more important to give proper attention to your personal retirement savings. CMFS Group Inc. in Peoria, Illinois and their wealth advisors have the time, training and experience to take emotion out of the equation and help with crucial decisions when it comes to managing your 401K. We are your number one 401K retirement company in the Peoria, IL area.

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Top 10 Mistakes Employees Make with their 401K

CMFS Financial Services Group has options for your 401K

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  1. Not taking the time to attend to your plan because you are too busy.
  2. Not making wise investment choices due to lack of training.
  3. Not having the temperament to avoid panic when navigating difficult market cycles.
  4. Not being properly allocated.
  5. Being too heavily invested in company stock.
  6. Leaving money in your plan after leaving your job or retiring.
  7. Taking withdrawals prior to 59½.
  8. Having unrealistic expectations of performance that don’t match your recommended risk tolerance.
  9. Not contributing enough to maximize the match from your employer.
  10. Not taking advantage of the Self Directed Option in your 401K plan.
If you’re making even one of these mistakes then contact the CMFS Group now for a FREE consultation. With over 30 years of experience assisting employees just like you, we can help you get the most out of your plan and take charge of your financial future.

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